Why Is There So Much Controversy Over JLO's Motown Tribute on the Grammys?

There has been quite an uproar about Jennifer Lopez performing a tribute to Motown on the Grammys. I didn't have a problem with the performance, but I will say I didn't think it represented Motown properly, but it was overall a good performance.

Many are wondering why a black artist or artists were not chosen to do the tribute, but I thought music was universal. I can remember watching videos from the 60s and 70s and even 80s where people of all nationalities, colors and races danced to music from Motown. And keep in mind Motown signed to the label Debbie Dean, Chris Clark, KiKi Dee and Teena Marie -- all white artists.

Although she is not black, JLO is a woman of color and a good performer. Yeah, the performance was a bit "Las Vegas," but it was very entertaining. I guess I just like to think progressively at times and this is just one of those times where I felt the tribute was something diverse, attracted all types of people and the music should have been the focus and not necessarily the artist who performed it.

Apparently Berry Gordy signed off on it, and Mr. Motown himself Smokey Robinson didn't have a problem with it either. Oh, and the Supreme Goddess of Motown Diana Ross was in attendance too and seemed to enjoy it. If they liked it, I loved it.

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