Anthony Hamilton Puts A Spin On His Rendition of The National Anthem

I always look forward to hearing the national anthem, not only because the words hit home every time, but I'm always eager to see how artists put their "spin" on the song when they sing it. And R&B crooner Anthony Hamilton did just that.

Being from North Carolina, Anthony is a self-proclaimed "country boy" and he delivered the national anthem by putting some of his country roots on it! It sounded amazing. I didn't know what to expect after hearing the first few bars, but I loved his rendition of it from beginning to end.

We have heard some amazing versions of the national anthem over the years, and many have been named one of the best ever such as Marvin Gaye's rendition at the NBA All Star game in 1983, and Whitney Houston's at the Super Bowl in 1991.

No matter who sings the national anthem it's really the meaning behind the lyrics that truly makes the song so powerful.

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