Spring/Summer Shoe Trends for 2019

By by now you should know that I absolutely love shoes! I don't think a woman could ever have enough shoes because there are shoes for every occasion of our lives.

The shoe trends for spring/summer 2019 vary, depending of course on who the designer is. But overall it seems as though flats, sneakers and embellished shoes are the winners.

When I browse the stores I see sneakers everywhere, from the usual athletic sneaks to sneakers that look like regular shoes! I have seen sneakers with rhinestones, gold plated accessories, platforms and other details and I say to myself, "Is that a sneaker or a shoe trying to be a sneaker?" The shoes look really cool though and can be worn with just about anything in your closet.

I'm not a big fan of flats, probably because I am a shortie and I need all the height I can get, but flats are everywhere too. Most women pair them with longer skirts, jeans, leggings or pretty much anything in the closet.

Those shoes that are loaded with embellishments can be a bit too much for the average shopper, but if you like being adventurous and having a little fun with your wardrobe you have to have at least a few pairs of these fun shoes in your wardrobe!

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