John Legend's New Single "Preach" Delivers A Strong Message

John Legend has always had a strong voice when it comes to human and civil rights and his new song "Preach" shows that he cares about the issues affecting America. When you watch the video for the new single, you will know what the message is without even hearing a word.

A mother forced to give her child away to an immigration officer. A car full of young black men being threatened by white police officers, a mass shooter heading into a high school. These are scenarios that we are all too familiar with. We see these images on TV, hear about them on the radio and some of us have actually lived it.

What can be done? What will be done? I don't know why the value of life has been significantly reduced over the years, but hopefully one day we will all be able to get along and live in peace.

In the meantime thank you John Legend for using your platform to call attention to these recurring problems in America. Preach.

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