Chicago To Make History With Its First Black Female Mayor

On April 2 history will be made in the city of Chicago. For the first time Chicago will elect a new mayor and that mayor will be a black female. I know, I know we are still saying "the first black for this" and "the first female for that" but I guess we have to acknowledge history when it is made.

I wish that we didn't always have to point out the fact that black people and minorities in general and females have made history because many have contributed to our society in a very big way over several decades. I guess being mayor of the third largest city in the country is pretty much a big deal so I guess all day we will be hearing about the history that has been made in Chicago.

The two candidates are Lori Lightfoot and Toni Preckwinkle. I respect both of them for their level of education, contributions to community and civic service and their political stance as it relates to this mayoral election. During their campaigns I was hoping to hear more of what they plan on doing to move the city of Chicago forward, and less of the negative rhetoric, but I guess that is the new style of politics these days. Shame.

Anyway, who you choose to vote for is on you, but however you vote, history will be made.

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