Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor" Just Sent Me There ...


Once again I played another great song on my show today and it was Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor." Man listen, have you really paid attention to the lyrics? Lauryn is already a dope vocalist but she always seems to put me in my feelings at the end of the song when she starts singing, "Care for me ... be there for me ... cry for me ... die for me ... give to me ... live for me." GIRL!!

I must have heard this song a million times over the years but there is just something that gets me when she gets to that part. I'm sure we've all had that "special someone" who broke our hearts, or maybe you're in a relationship now where you just want that person to give you all of that and then some.

Well, if you don't feel like you're with someone who will supply you with the aforementioned, then you may want to think about who you're with and ask yourself if he or she is THAT one. Just saying.


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