Beyonce' Puts On Her Filmmaking Hat With Netflix Documentary "Homecoming"

Believe it or not, Beyonce' was the first black woman to headline the annual Coachella Festival. The Coachella Valley and Music Festival is in its 20th year and typically features acts from many genres of music, including rock, pop, Hip Hop, indie and electric dance music. The festival, which is held in Indio, California also features art installations and sculptures.

But the fact that Beyonce' was the first black woman to headline still blows my mind with all of the great talent in the music industry over the years, but oh well, at least she made history.

What Beyonce' fans are so excited about is the fact that the Queen B is making a documentary about her performance at Coachella which broke the Internet last year. You will see raw footage leading up to the performance, including rehearsals and she even gives us an intimate glimpse of the family. Good stuff. Check out the documentary entitled "Homecoming" on Netfilix April 17.



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