Let's Celebrate "One Love" With Each Other Every Day!

I just returned from a work trip to Jamaica and I love how everyone on the island is always at peace and unified. I have been to Jamaica quite a few times over the years, but this time was magical. I really enjoyed my experience at the Moon Palace Resort and the staff and management were exceptional with the customer service.

If you've been to Jamaica you already know the peace you receive from the time you get to the island until the time you leave is everything. I guess it's not that hard to be in a great mood and chill if you're living in warm, sunny weather with blue skies and palm trees all the time. But there are parts of Jamaica that I was exposed to on this visit that really touched me. Some of the natives literally live in huts, houses without a roof or homes that don't even look like they have plumbing, yet they are smiling and still grateful for what they have. "Jamaica, no problem man." Was a familiar statement said by even the poorest of the poor.

Although the island is so beautiful and serene, there are those who are without some of the luxuries we may have so just be thankful for what you've got.

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