Robin Thicke Sings New Single "That's What Love Can Do" on 'Steve'

I am a big fan of Robin Thicke. I like him a lot. I love his music. He is certainly not a new artist, and I didn't rock with him when he first became an artist, but I started really paying attention around 2006 when his platinum album, "The Evolution of Robin Thicke" was released.

His major hit from that album, "Lost Without U" is still one of my favorite songs. It's one of those songs that no matter how many times you hear it you won't get sick of it. Well, at least that's how I feel about it. Immediately when I hear it I think about being out on an ocean or on some tropical island or somewhere peaceful. It just puts me in a tranquil mood.

Robin has been off the scene for a few years following some controversy about infidelity, custody of his child and some other issues. He also lost his famous father actor Alan Thicke during that dark period too. Hopefully his healing process is making things easier and now he can concentrate more on his music. A few months ago Robin proposed to his model girlfriend with whom he shares a child and I'm very happy for them.

I really like his new single "That's What Love Can Do." Not only is the sound great, but the lyrics are really deep and if you listen closely to the message the song brings, you will be reminded of how powerful love really is.

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