Lizzo Will Definitely Get You "Juiced Up" With Her New Hit Single!


If you are looking for a song to get motivated to work out, or if you just want to hear an upbeat fun song, then you have to download "Juice" right now.

From her third studio album Cuz I Love You, Lizzo is back with a very catchy pop-funk-R&B joint that can put you in the happiest mood. The song was released on Lizzo's first major label (Atlantic Records) and although it's been out since January, it is still catching fire in clubs and on the airwaves. After watching the video you will see that the song is all about self-love and it could very easily be coined as a self-esteem anthem.

The singer and rapper delivers fun lyrics along with a catchy beat that will have you singing along for the whole song. Lizzo has recently performed "Juice" on several major shows including, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


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