Ciara Performs Her New Single, "Thinkin Bout You" at Billboard Music Awards


I'm a Ciara fan. Her music is cool and her dancing is even better. I love to watch her dance because she has moves like no other artist -- well, except the Jacksons. Now this is no dis at all to Ci Ci because she has been doing her thing for a minute now and she deserves her props! I actually like how she always manages a few moves that are reminiscent of the great Michael Jackson -- and his sister Janet.

Ciara has admitted that Jan is one of her childhood idols (I mean, who didn't pretend they were Janet Jackson growing up?) and her dance moves make that pretty evident. I love the way Ciara always acknowledges Janet and Michael in her performances, whether it's a glide or a precision move, she nails it every time. She's definitely smooth with it but although you see that Jackson influence in her dance moves, she always manages to make sure her own style shines through.


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