Mariah Carey's Performance At Billboard Music Awards Was Short of Iconic


After a mediocre performance of a medley of her hits, Mariah Carey had fun with the audience and then gave a heartfelt thanks of support to her loyal fans. Although she has had her ups and downs as she mentioned in her acceptance speech after receiving the Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards, Mariah had some very sincere words to give her loyal fans.

She also acknowledged her twins Roc and Roe Cannon who had celebrated their 8th birthday the day before, and in typical Mariah-the-diva fashion, she pranced off the stage in a black crystal gown that was so tight and cinched at the waist that that could have been the reason she struggled to reach some of those high notes in her performance.

But we love Mariah in all of her glory. Her voice is unmatched and she has had one of the most successful and illustrious careers in recording history for a woman. She definitely is an icon.


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