Chicago is a Backdrop for the New Netflix Movie "The Last Summer"


There is a new Netflix film releasing today and it is about that final summer between high school and going off to college. "The Last Summer" is about teens who go through some of life's lessons including the ups and downs of relationships and much more. The cool part about the film is that parts of it was filmed in Chicago and you can get glimpses of our beautiful skyline, the diverse neighborhoods and more.

One of the scenes was filmed at Wrigley Field during a Cubs game and the amazing part is that the scenes filmed in Chicago were all done in one day! So if you have a high school senior who is about to throw up that graduation tassel soon, you may want to tell them to check out "The Last Summer" on Netflix.

My high school years are long behind me, but I would still watch the movie just to see my beautiful city of Chicago.


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