Parents Get Ready, K-Pop Group BTS Invades Soldier Field This Weekend


K-Pop Group BTS will be at Soldier Field this weekend for two sold out shows. BTS stands for Beyond The Scene and they currently on their Love Yourself, Speak Yourself world tour. If you are not familiar with BTS, they are something like today's version of the Beatles. Or Michael Jackson. Or perhaps Beyonce. In other words, they are so popular that you will probably hear thousands of girls screaming at the top of their lungs from Soldier Field all the way to the south side.

So parents, get ready. If you are taking your child to see South Korean K-Pop group BTS this weekend at Soldier Field, you may want to pack ear plugs and I'm not even joking. BTS is truly a global pop sensation and it is amazing the reaction kids and teens, especially the girls have when this group hits any stage. You've been warned.


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