Chicago's Anthony Davis Trade Is One Of The Biggest In NBA History

Chicago's Anthony Davis has been traded to the L.A. Lakers in what is considered to be one of the biggest trades in NBA history. The trade doesn't really come as a surprise to Davis, who asked to be traded at the beginning of the year. In exchange for some first-round draft picks and a couple of young stars, Anthony will be wearing the purple and gold next season.

I'm happy for the trade, especially since he wanted to leave the New Orleans Pelicans in the first place. And it seems like these days players are demanding what they want and they are getting it. And it looks like the Lakers are gearing up to get back into championship-winning mode, after being out of the NBA playoffs pretty much around the time Kobe retired a few years back.

Hopefully the Lakers can get back on their "A" game, but with this trade there are no guarantees of anything. Hopefully Davis can stay healthy, gel with his teammates and help the Lakers get to another championship. I'm sure that's all LeBron is looking to do anyway.

Congratulations on the move, homeboy.


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