Princeton University, Williams College Top U.S. College Rankings Again

If you have the bank account for it, you may want to consider sending your kid to college at Princeton. U.S. News & World Report have released college listings and Princeton is right at the top for the ninth consecutive year. Williams College also ranked as one of the top ranking schools in the U.S.

Another popular Ivy League school, Harvard came in second place, and Yale tied for third place along with New York's Columbia University and MIT. As far as liberal arts colleges, Williams College in Massachusetts sits at number one for the 17th year in a row!

Now that we know where some of these schools rank, let's see how much it would cost to attend. Make sure you're sitting down ... ready? Okay, here we go. For the 2019-20 school year, Princeton will cost $73,450 which includes $51,870 for tuition and $10,090 for housing. And of course that doesn't include transportation, basic living expenses and other costs. Wow, just wow.

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