You Be The Judge: CeCe Peniston Sues Lizzo For Copyright Infringement

Singer CeCe Peniston is suing Lizzo for copyright infringement, and rightfully so. Have you heard Lizzo's song "Juice?" When I first heard the song I immediately started singing CeCe's "Finally" after hearing Lizzo's hook. The sound is so blatantly similar that I thought for sure Lizzo got permission to use that from CeCe. Apparently not.

Other artists are starting to hear the similarity as well, encouraging CeCe that the situation definitely needs to be addressed. As she said on my radio show, "It's no hate, no shade, it's business." And I agree. I hope the two ladies can work things out and get this issue resolved. Hopefully they can even come up with a remix and really take the clubs and charts over!

We'll see what happens, but for now CeCe needs to get what she deserves from all of the national exposure from that catchy hook we're all so familiar with.

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