Online Shopping Is Way Too Accessible With Pop Up Ads

These algorithms on spending habits is driving me crazy, particularly around holiday time with the sales and all. Every time I grab my phone, log onto my computer or tablet or heck sometimes when I'm looking at TV, I promise you, I think they are targeting me specifically with all the advertising.

I know there is a way you can turn off certain notifications so you don't see the ads, but I tried that and it doesn't work. I think somehow they can override that. It's just not cool because I can be minding my own business, and then pops up an ad for a pair of boots that are calling my name. I don't need the boots, and probably shouldn't buy the boots but after seeing the ad it makes me want to get the boots. How is this fair? It's not.

And then to make things worse, there are all these sales going on for the holiday like buy one get one free, 50 percent off, free shipping, deals on future purchases and so on and so forth. Geez, give a sis a break!

So whomever is in charge of flashing these ads of "all things Bionce' loves" like shoes, makeup, food, handbags, and whatever, please stop. Please. I wasn't thinking about buying a thing until I saw that ad right in front of my face. I guess this will be a lesson in restraint ... okay, I got this.

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