NBA All-Star Jerseys Represent With Colors Of Chicago's 'L' Trains

Okay, now this is dope ...

Michael Jordan may have retired from the Chicago Bulls years ago but he still knows where home is. Jordan Brand and Nike are paying big time respect to the city of Chicago. But they took things to to the next level with this one. Yup, they elevated (no pun here) the game with this idea.

The collaboration with the iconic brands in producing this year's NBA All-Star game jerseys is taking inspiration from Chicago's transit line - yes, the 'L' trains! The team jerseys will represent each color of the trains, all of them; the yellow, orange, pink, green, brown, red, blue and purple lines. If you are a Chicagoan you know how important the 'L' is to many of us and this idea of representing during All-Star weekend is so cool.

Props to Jordan Brand and Nike on this one, that is such a good look that they are recognizing Chicago's transit line and it's only right, considering we are the host city! The NBA All-Star game will be played at the United Center on Sunday, Feb. 16.

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