Chicago Proud: NBA All-Star Weekend On Record As One Of The Best

I love my city. And anybody who knows me love how much I love Chicago.

I am so proud of Chicago, and how we were a near perfect host for the NBA All-Star weekend. Of course there were probably a couple of mishaps here and there, but that's life. That's going to happen when you get a bunch of people together at an event, party or venue.

But for the most part Chicago came through and showed the world that we indeed are a world-class city. We can host anything, and we proved that over the past weekend. And the exciting weekend was capped off by an amazing All-Star tribute, ceremony and game. Chicago was all over the place and everybody 'repped their block, their neighborhood and their hometown in a big way.

Way to go Chi City, I knew you could do it and you did. I'm sure Chicago won't have to wait another 32 years before it sees another All-Star weekend, I highly doubt it.

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