The Coronavirus Pandemic Sheds Light On Problems In Our Country

The coronavirus pandemic has shed light on the other crisis that affects our society - disparity among race and socio-economic class. With statistics growing of the number of black people who are dying because of COVID-19, the spotlight is shining on the fact that a majority of African-American neighborhoods don't have the proper resources to live healthy, productive lives.

There are several neighborhoods in the black community that still do not have full grocery stores, or even stores that sell fresh fruit and vegetables. There is a lack of healthcare because insurance costs are too high and many just can't afford it. There are so many other things that I could list that contribute to some of the underlying health conditions leading to the deaths of African-Americans, some dating back many decades.

Homeless people living on the streets could be carriers of the virus, spreading it to everyone they come in contact with. But lately I haven't seen many of the scores of homeless people I normally see on my route to the store. Where are they now? Certainly they can't 'shelter in place' when they have no home to live in. Why couldn't they have been given housing before the pandemic outbreak? Everyone should have a bed to sleep in each night.

Some inmates who are non-violent or locked up because they couldn't afford to post a nominal bond should have been released at the first sign of a pandemic. And others who have committed more serious crimes should still be treated like a human and not caged in a cell while suffering from a deadly illness. Our jails and prisons are over crowded, and in most cases the conditions are not fit for an animal.

There are so many disparities within our society and hopefully once this pandemic begins to subside, those in positions of authority won't lose focus but will have that same energy to fix these problems.

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