Millions of Americans Face Hunger, Yet Food Is Going To Waste

More than 40 million Americans face hunger each day and that is a shame. America is considered one of the richest nations, yet people go to bed hungry. This should not be happening. And what is even more disheartening is the coronavirus pandemic is causing food to be thrown away.

This is yet another issue in our society that coronavirus is unveiling - the problem of hunger due to distribution problems. And because the pandemic is causing the decline in the food service industry local farmers are literally throwing away food.

Millions and millions of pounds of perfectly good food including eggs, milk and produce is being wasted because the food can't be sold because of the closings of schools, hotels, restaurants and other areas of the food service industry. Although some of the food has been donated to food banks, even that is a problem because there is not enough room to store the food. And exporting to other countries is so expensive for farmers who are already facing financial losses due to those closures.

It just really hurts my heart to know that now that more people are home and needing to put food on the table for their families, food is being thrown away. According to Dairy Farmers of America, millions of gallons of milk are being poured down the drain every day. Hundreds of thousands of unhatched eggs are being smashed every week, yet millions of Americans need food in their homes. This is hurtful. This is not the way it should be.

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