Tyler Perry Thinking Of Ways To Safely Re-Open Atlanta Studios

Writer and director Tyler Perry is thinking about opening his studio complex in Atlanta, but he is in the process of talking with bosses about a creative and safe way to do it. Don't get me wrong, Tyler is not rushing to get the studios back open, but realizing he has to get back to work with all of his productions, he is preparing to make it happen.

One of the most important steps he will take is testing the crew and cast for coronavirus, and only if a person tests negatively will they be invited to stay on his sprawling 330-acre complex. There are plenty of options where his staff can live because on the campus are 40 historic homes and functional houses on set that can be lived in.

The complex also houses a bar, gym and restaurant and even a hospital that can be made functional, and Tyler is event thinking about hiring a nurse and doctor to monitor staff if necessary. Although it would probably be a slight inconvenience for his staff, Tyler would give them an increased salary as an incentive.

This carefully planned out and cautionary reopen sounds good, but Tyler still has to run these creative ideas by studio execs.

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