Michael Jordan and Family

lev radin / Shutterstock.com

Michael's first child is Jeffrey Michael Jordan, who was born in 1988, four years after his father joined the NBA. In a 2020 interview with theChicago Tribune,Jeffrey shared that in some waysbeing Michael Jordan's son was" normal."

"Relationship-wise, you'd go through your normal battles with your siblings, your mom, your dad, everything like that," he said. "But in a social aspect, it was far from normal or anything you could imagine." Jeffrey also shared that he got to go to Paris with the Bulls when he was a kid, though most of the time, he focused on his studies. "I flew with the team and met some of my idols," he said. "During the season we couldn't go to the away games. My mom was a stickler. School was first and foremost."

Like, his dad, Jeffrey became a basketball player, but he didn't go pro. Jeffrey played in college at the University of Illinois and then at the University of Central Florida. Currently, he's the head of digital innovation for the Jordan brand, which is part of Nike. He alsoco-founded Jordan Akavian Group, an i

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