Threats from Charles Barkley

Charles Barkleymade it clear Thursday night, he’s not a fan of provocative Fox Sports hostSkip Bayless. And based on Barkley’s advice, Bayless should avoid getting stuck in a room alone with the TNT host.

Gone Fishin’” has become a tradition forInside the NBAon TNT, a segment where the Hall-of-Fame cast roasts a team and their fan base after getting eliminated from the playoffs.

Thursday night,LeBron Jamesand the Los Angeles Lakers were the latest team to watch their season end. TheInside the NBAcrew proceeded with their “Gone Fishin’” segment, featuring an image of celebrity Lakers fans on a boat.

AfterKenny Smithasked about “the guy in the wheelchair,” Barkley quickly said “that would be Skip Bayless if I ever got him in a room by himself.”

Then Barkley doubled down on his claim. “If I ever get Skip Bayless alone, that’s what he’s gonna need. A full body cast.

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