Another one bites the bust

Anthony Anderson is responding to his wife Alvina Anderson's request for divorce.

In court documents obtained by PEOPLE, the black-ish star, 51, requested a dissolution of marriage after 22 years. He listed their date of separation as Feb. 25 and indicated irreconcilable differences as the cause of their split.

The documents also state that the actor is requesting that spousal support be reserved for "future determination" and that his estranged wife would receive such compensation. He, however, wants both parties to cover the costs of their respective attorney's fees.

The father of two is currently uncertain about "the exact nature and extent of separate property assets and obligations," declaring that he "reserves the right to amend this response when same is ascertained." In addition, he's unclear on the "community and quasi-community assets and obligations" amongst the pair.

An attorney for Alvina did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

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In Alvina's divorce filing from March 25, she cited the date of the former couple's separation as "TBD." She is seeking spousal support and requested that Anthony pay her attorney's fees.

Alvina also requested that property acquired throughout the marriage be treated as "community" property, all of which she wants to be divided between the exes. But items listed under separate property include "all gifts and inheritance, all assets, earnings, accumulations, and debts" she acquired before entering the marriage.

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