A Bison Is On The Loose In Illinois

Female Bison on farm, close-up

Photo: Getty Images

Last year while a bison was being delivered to a farm local to Lake County, it escaped and has since been roaming the Lake County Forest Preserves. According to WGN9, the bison weighs a whopping 1,300 pounds and found its way to Wauconda last month. Prior to the discovery of this new location, officials had no idea where the bison ventured off to.

The owner plans to lure the bison into a barn where the enclosure will provide the proper environment to transport the animal to the intended location.

“The goal is to have the farm animal removed by Memorial Day weekend when preserve attendance traditionally increases,” John Tannahill, director of public safety at the Lake County Forest Preserves told WGN9. “The safety of our users and the animal is our No. 1 priority. Bison, is considered domestic livestock, therefore a forest preserve is not an appropriate home.”

WGN9 noted that police will issue a fine to the owner if they do not remove the bison from the preserve soon. In the meantime, the Lake County Police Department has named the animal "Tyson the Bison." Tyson has not brought any harm to humans, but police urge residents to stay away from Tyson pending capture and return to his rightful home.

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