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Ever since R. Kelly was arrested in July 2019, then later convicted on all charges in his NYC sex trafficking trial last September, it seems the disgraced singer has been making more headlines while incarcerated than when he was a free man.

The latest shenanigans involving Chicago’s own disreputable “Pied Piper of R&B” involves yet another young woman, only this one actually is a consenting party and even has approval from her dad — he’s the one who actually put the two in contact with each other!

Now, before you go “Not again…,” allow us to better explain this one in detail.


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The woman, a TikTok user under the handle @jizzlezoldykk, posted a video that’s since gone viral where she alleges that Kellz “goes to the same prison” as her dad. The short clip shows the girl apparently speaking to Kelly over the phone (seen above), which leads to her asking him to sing the title track from his 2010 album, Love Letter.

In a follow-up “story time” post, the user explained that the phone call happened after she went to visit her dad now that prison visitation has been reinstated; COVID-19 regulations previously put things on hold. She says Kelly was also on a visit at the time with “his daughter” — no confirmation on if it was an actual relative or not — and that he just finished singing for the whole visitation room before she got there. She continues the story by adding that when she got home, her dad called to make sure she got home safe. When she replied that she planned on telling people that she met R. Kelly earlier in the day, her dad replied that he was sitting next to him and gave her the opportunity to speak to the Chocolate Factory songwriter. That’s when the phone vocals commenced.

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