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Although R. Kelly is sitting in a Chicago jail cell, he still seems to have a lot of money in his account.

Prosecutors have requested a federal court seize the $28,000 that is sitting in Kelly’s prison inmate account. Their reasoning? The disgraced singer has not paid the near $140,000 in court-ordered fines, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel G. Saavedra.

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Along with issuing Kelly’s 30-year prison term, U.S. District Judge ordered that the singer pay a $100,000 fine, a $40,000 assessment under the Justice for Trafficking Victims Act and a $900 special assessment.

The money in the prison inmate account can be used to buy food and other items he needs at the prison commissary or canteen. As of Wednesday, Aug. 3, the exact amount in his account is $28,328.24. But, at the request of the government, the Bureau of Prisons has restrained the funds, leaving only $500 in the account, according to Saavedra.

In a five-page letter from Saavedra, he wrote, “The Government now seeks entry of an order authorizing the BOP to turn over the restrained funds for application to the Defendant’s outstanding criminal penalties.”

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