Is it true?

My baby girl Ava when you were born, my whole world shined so bright. I knew that it was no longer about me anymore it was about us. Though the world is cold, I promise to always protect you. I am so happy to be your mother & you bring me so much joy. 12.08.22,” Savage joyfully expressed.

Savage published a book, Love and Joy of Robert, in August, in which she publicly revealed that she was expecting Kelly’s child. The “I Believe I Can Fly” singer has been in prison since 2019, so many people were surprised and confused by the news. Some congratulated her, and some were not buying it.

The 26-year-old new mother admitted in her brief memoir that she discovered she was pregnant months after the scandalous R&B musician sent an engagement ring to her house. According to the New York Post, he sent it the day after receiving a 30-year prison term for racketeering and sex trafficking.

Those rumors were quickly dispelled by Kelly’s lawyer, who tweeted

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