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Sharpe, who spoke to FS1’s Undisputed on Tuesday, called out Wilson after the 34-year-old NFL star and his team lost to the Los Angeles Rams 14-51 on Sunday.

Sharpe’s surprising comments also came one day after the Broncos fired their head coach, Nathaniel Hackett, on Monday following the team’s abysmal 4-11 record.

“Let me tell you what the problem is. Russell Wilson has never been a 1-2-3 get rid of the ball,” Sharpe said about Wilson on Tuesday. “He was very good at improvisation. He was very good…at getting off-script. Russell has lost athleticism.”

“Russ cannot outrun anybody!” the 54-year-old retired NFL tight end continued. “So, he can’t make those improvisational plays like he could for those first 10 years in Seattle. You never see Russ get dragged down from behind. Now, Russ don’t look like he could outrun 

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