Hands caught in cookie jar

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, the ex-fiancee of former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has reportedly been accused of mishandling the $830,000 trust fund of his daughter Avielle. 

According to The Boston Globe, Jenkins-Hernandez previously stated that she was unable to afford the $10,687 bill for her and Aaron Herandez’s daughter Avielle’s dance lessons. She decided to ask a court-appointed trustee to pay the bill from the trust fund. 

However, the trustee, David Schwartz, told Aaron Hernandez’s ex-fiancee no. This was after his calculations revealed that she had already received a separate source of funds outside the trust. She receives $150,000 a year or more from Hernandez’s NFL pension and Social Security. The funds were supposed to pay for Avielle’s daily expenses. He then argued that he wasn’t sure why Jenkins-Hernandez needed more money. After Schwartz refused to give her money, Jenkins-Hernandez promptly asked a Bristol County probate judge to remove him as trustee.

After looking more into the financial information, Schwartz revealed that Jenkins-Hernandez had been spending the money on clothing, home goods, shopping online, and “self-care,” which included gym membership as well as hair and nail appointments.

“There is no reason to question whether the expenditures were for Avielle’s benefit,” Schwartz’s attorney Robert O’Regan stated. “To be fair, this little girl should have a decent life with what her father left for her. No one would complain if there were reasonable expenses. We’re talking about over-the-top or otherwise unrelated expenses to Avielle.”

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