Pat Sajak Snaps At Excited Contestant For Nearly Breaking 'Wheel' Rule

Photo: Getty Images

A viral clip shows Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak sharply reminding an excited player of the game's rules after she nearly got carried away.

The video, which was shared on Wheel of Fortune's social media accounts Tuesday (February 28), shows a contestant named Mary Ann land on the million dollar wedge and excitedly shout, "Oh my God" as she goes to grab the coveted green tile. Sajak, 76, however, quickly reminded her that she had to correctly guess a letter for the puzzle before picking up the wedge.

"No, no, no, ba-ba-bo-bop," Sajak exclaimed, making gibberish sounds to divert the excited contestant's attention back to himself. "Now, here's what you do. You see, you call a letter."

Mary Ann then answered "H," which was in the puzzle twice.

"And because there are two H's, you may now pick up the million-dollar wedge," Sajak explained in a much calmer tone.

The longtime Wheel of Fortune host then joked that Mary Ann's excitement was caused by game show adrenaline and a large prize being waved in front of her.

"You put a million dollars in front of someone, they just get goofy," Sajak said while smiling.

Several Wheel of Fortune fans shared Instagram comments on the video post, which including @thebowtieteacher_ joking that "Pat invented a new language" in response to Sajak's gibberish.

"It's okay to get a lot excited when your wheel hits the Million Dollar Wedge!!" Instagram user @ciaranellisofficialpage wrote.

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