Ladies, Please Wear Your Leggings Appropriately!

I was out and about over the weekend and saw a woman wearing leggings. They were see-through leggings. You could literally see everything. I was beyond appalled, and wondered why would anyone leave the house wearing these things in public? I have no problem with leggings, they are very comfortable and you can pretty much wear them with most outfits. But this particular pair of leggings were just not appropriate at all. Not at all.

Of course I couldn't ask the woman what was she thinking by wearing the leggings, but I sure wanted to. I know people have the right to do what they want to do but sometimes I just would like to get the rationale behind their thinking. She could have very well been headed to the gym, but the leggings wouldn't have been appropriate there either. I thought of all of the places she was on her way to and no matter what I came up with, they still wouldn't be appropriate in any situation.

Even some men were shaking their heads in disbelief and disgust at the woman prancing around like she was wearing a business suit. To each his or her own, but my goodness being appropriate really matters. Please ladies when you're out in public and you want to wear these type of leggings, maybe cover up with a long shirt or throw something over the leggings.

I'm really not a prude or anything, but this particular style of leggings was just way too much for not only me, but for everyone she came within contact with. It was not a good look.

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