Don't Let Social Media Dictate Your Thoughts and Beliefs

We can find just about anything on the Internet. Whatever information we need, whether accurate or not, is just a few clicks away. But the important thing to remember when thumbing through social media is that not everything we see and hear is truth.

When seeing and hearing things, have an open mind and make sure you REALLY LISTEN to what is being said and done. Words can sometimes be manipulated into sounding like something else and the message can get really misconstrued. Communication is very critical in today's world, especially with social media being one of the main channels of communication.

Keep in mind everything is not accurate either. Just because you see something on the Internet does not automatically mean it is truth. There are websites where information can be edited, and I recently found out that information can be edited on Google searches too. Wow!

So the next time you hear rumors, see social media going crazy and running with something. Get the information from the source, go directly to that interview, go back and listen to a conversation, and make sure you see the whole picture and don't just jump on the social media bandwagon.

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