Rappers Gucci and Jeezy Make Peace After They Battle

I was one of the 1.7 million people who eagerly awaited and watched rappers Gucci and Jeezy battle it out on Instagram. Since we entered pandemic life months ago, the Verzuz battles crafted by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland have kept us very entertained.

We have seen some of the best artists go toe to toe with each other on Instagram, and I've caught just about all of the battles, but there was something very different about Thursday night's battle. The years-long beef between Gucci and Yeezy (read up on it) had many of us wondering how the two could even be in the same room with each other, but for a sold hour and some change, they managed.

After throwing darts at each other during the entire battle, the two performed the final song -- together, making Hip Hop history. Yes, these two rappers squashed their beef publicly, saluted each other and walked off stage leaving viewers including me with their mouths wide open.

Life is too short for beefing. There is already so much negativity in the world that seeing those brothers make peace was so refreshing and makes me an even bigger fan of them both. I was hoping they would call a truce and they did. Atlanta will never be the same.