Americans Protecting Americans: An Unimaginable Thought

To know that there are more National Guard troops in Washington D.C. than there are in other countries is really an unimaginable fact. Although there is not an official number of troops representing, I have heard reports of numbers ranging anywhere from 15 thousand to a gross number of 95 thousand! How is this even possible? Sad. This is really sad. Americans protecting Americans.

And to add salt to the wound is the fact that some of the troops are being vetted in the event there is someone on the “inside” who may be in on an attack. So now we can’t even trust those who have sworn to protect this country? Ironically as I write this blog there are several new reports that two National Guard troops were removed from the inauguration mission because of ties to right wing militias. What in the whole world is happening in America? Why has it come to this? A city in our country is being protected against other citizens of this country. That’s not supposed to be the way it goes. We are supposed to defend our country against outsiders, against the enemy.

What a concerning reality. This presidential inauguration is definitely one for the books. I hope there is a peaceful transition and people will come to the realization that all of this anger, hatred and negative energy is just not worth it. It benefits no one.