Mayor Lightfoot: Young Adults Part of Coronavirus Uptick

Hold up ... before we get out here dancing in packed clubs, hanging out in crowded spaces and living like it's 2019, let's remember that we are still in a global pandemic.

Cases of coronavirus are on the rise again in Chicago, and Mayor Lightfoot attributes some of that to younger people. Not that you can't hang out and enjoy friends and family, but please make sure you continue to wear a mask, be socially distant and wash your hands frequently.

There are certain neighborhoods including Portage Park, Dunning, Lincoln Park and Old Town where younger adults are packing bars and engaging in pre-pandemic activities. Come on man, they've delayed the 'bridge phase,' where we will begin to ease into a full reopening, and with these cases on the rise again, that's not going to happen anytime soon. Remember, a pandemic has no borders so please stop rushing things and let's all be safe.