Transgender forced to show OFF......

A transgender woman in Texas filed a federal lawsuit alleging that jail officials repeatedly violated her constitutional rights when she was forced to show her genitals, placed in a holding area with men and then ordered to shower with male inmates.

Valerie Jackson, 32, filed the lawsuit Friday in Northern District of Texas court claiming that the incidents happened on three different occasions in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Jackson said during a November 2016 arrest for going through airport security with a gun she was taken to Dallas County jail and given a wristband that listed her gender as female. She was then taken to an enclosed area by an officer and told to show her bare breasts, which she did.

Jackson said she was then seen by a male nurse at the jail who began to ask her medical questions, including the date of her last menstrual cycle. The suit claims that Jackson informed the nurse that she was transgender and was told to sit with the other female

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