AS if R Kelly doesn't have enough on his plate

Porsha, 40, detailed her interactions with the R&B singer in her book, claiming that after meeting through a friend the aspiring musician was flown to Chicago to meet R Kelly for a potential work opportunity.

The then-25-year-old says she was taken to the singer's home instead of a recording studio, which was the inital destination she was told.

Upon arrival, she claims she was left alone in a room for hours before R Kelly joined her and prompted her to take off her clothes.

"I've already put myself in this position. This is what you're supposed to do. You have to. There is no turning back," she recited in the memoir.

Porsha described two additional meetings with the Grammy-award winner where she says she discovered other young women in his home, and one instance when she claims she heard a woman being beaten in the next room.

TheReal Housewivesstar decided not to return to the Ignition singer's home thereafter and has kept the encounter a secret ever since.

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