"It's time for NFL owners to stand against Trump"

USA TODAY's Pro Football Columnist Jarrett Bell published an article calling for the N.F.L. Owners to stand against recent remarks from President Trump.  Friday in a Huntsville Alabama speech - Trump called for N.F.L. Owners to "get thant son of a b---h off the field" if a player (like Kaepernick) takes a knee in a civil protest.  Jarrett Bell is a current member of the NFL's Hall Of Fame committee and has regular face to face contact with N.F.L. owners.  

Bell opens the article saying: 

"Here’s to the fresh fuel for NFL players to engage in Colin Kaepernick-styled national anthem protests.

That would be black players, white players, superstars and third-stringers alike.

Go ahead, fellas. Make a statement.

When the President of the United States, in all of his ignorance, urges his base of supporters to walk out on your game, your livelihood, your principles -- because a number of NFL players have exercised their right to express discontent with some major inequalities of the American way – it is way past time to provide a determined response."




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