"Mellow Mellow - Right On" Singer Lowrell Simon has died

Lowrell Simon former member of the Chicago based vocal group The Lost Generation has died.  Simon's family informed Marshall Thompson of the Chi-Lites that Mr. Simon made his transition with relatives in Mississippi in the early morning hours on June 19th.  

Lowrell Simon may have been best known for the classic Mellow Mellow - Right On.  Written and produced by Mr. Simon and Chicago based producer and music promoter Gus Redmond.  Mellow Mellow Right On contained a distinctively  memorable 1979 bass line has been sampled countless times over the years.  

The greatness of Chicago musical collaborations have gone UNDER-REPORTED over the years.  Mr. Simon also collaborated with windy city based artist like The Chi-Lites and The Dells. The legendary Eugene Record of The Chi-Lites to record "Bottoms Up in 1983.  Bottoms Up was remixed by Mickey Oliver - member of The Hot Mix 5.

According to Wikipedia:  Lowrell Simon (born March 18, 1943, Chicago) is an American soul singer. He began as a singer in The LaVondells, which became The Vondells which featured Butch McCoy and Jessie Dean and enjoyed some regional success in the 1960s with the song "Lenore".[1] When the Vondells broke up, Simon formed the group The Lost Generation alongside several Chicago friends, and the group scored several U.S. hits between 1969 and 1974. After the band's breakup, Simon made contributions to the soundtrack to the 1974 film, Three the Hard Way, and wrote tracks for the 1976 debut album of Mystique, which featured other former members of The Lost Generation.[2] He also wrote the tune "Dance Master" in 1974 for Willie Henderson, and the 1979 tune "All About the Paper" for Loleatta Holloway.[2]

In the late 1970s, Simon began recording under his first name. He signed to Liberace's label, AVI Records, and released an album in late 1979 entitled Lowrell. The album's second single, "Mellow Mellow Right On" b/w "You're Playing Dirty", was a #32 U.S. R&B hit that year.[3] It reached #37 in the UK Singles Chart in December 1979.[4] The song has been sampled copiously, including by Massive Attack, Imagination, Big Brooklyn Red on 'Taking It Too Far' and Common, and has been covered by dance production outfit L.A. Mix.

 Mr. Simon passed peacefully among family in Mississippi.  

Bottoms Up

Writers: Simon, Saunders, Carney

CreditsArranged By – Eugene Record, Sonny SandersEngineer 

[Mixing] – Mickey OliverExecutive 

Producer – Marshall Thompson

Producer – Eugene Record

Samples include the following:

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