Black Family Called N----'s by Hog Wild Owner

The latest racially motivated attack happened in south suburban Midlothian.  Hog Wild has been featured on WGN's "Chicago's Best - apparently at their worst when the restaurant got busy without enough help.  

Kelly Haynes July 14th post:

My family and I visited here today to celebrate my son leaving for school. We ordered our food at 4:50pm and spent for myself and 2 kids $47.49. My mom spent $13 and my auntie and uncle spent $40. We sat, ate and had conversations wishing my son well. During that time a tall white guy came over at 6:15pm and told us we had been there for to long. He slammed a number 55 on the table and said y'all been here for 4 hours and it's time to go. My aunt said we paid for our food and now we're talking. He said I don't care it's time to go. This is my daddy's place and you can leave. My mom asked to speak to the manager and he said he's not here. I went to speak to the manager and the table next to us said they were out done on how we were treated. The guy came with me and asked for the manager. He said i want to speak to his daddy. The young lady at the door said the guy you are complaining about is the manager. I asked why was he being so rude? She said maybe he didn't mean it that way. The other guy told us he didn't want to hear it. We could get our food and things and leave. We were niggas. If you hadn't paid for food don't pay just leave and don't come back. I have never experienced such treatment or had a racist encounter. Our money isn't even good enough to spend here. Well I feel somewhat better because on the way out, we were asked if we were ok and we explained the situation to another family so they left. We had 2 families stick by our side and leave with us. You may have gotten our money, but you sure as hell didn't get theirs you racists bastards. You have a nice day sir👊

The restaurant with this reply - then deleted it's Facebook page:


HOG WILD on WTTW's Check Please

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