Hannibal Buress Took the Best Mug Shot Ever

Chicago native and comedian was arrested in Miami late Saturday night on charges of disorderly intoxication and was released after posting bail early Sunday morning.

The video of the arrest went viral yesterday... as well as his mugshot, in which it appears that Hannibal's Chicago cool is unshaken and unbothered by the incident. Check them both out below.

The international art festival, ArtBasel, is going on right now in Miami and according to most attendees, everybody's drinking and having a good time at all the related parties and events.  Some have wondered why Hannibal was picked out of all the revelers for this kind of treatment by Miami PD.  (I have a pretty good guess and I'll leave it at that... time will tell.)

See all the details in this article in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Jeanne Sparrow


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