Books Everybody Should Want for Christmas

This is the year for great books at Christmas if you didn't get them when they came out this fall.  I haven't gotten either one yet, so they're on my wish list this year and I can't be the only one!  Check these out... they might be just the thing to make the entertainment fan in your life really happy. (And oddly enough, both authors have a connection to the hit show "Black-ish"!)

The first one is from photographer Afshin Shahidi (also dad to "Black-ish" star Yara Shahid whose new show "Grown-ish" premieres in January).  He was Prince's photographer for 20 years and his book Prince: A Private View features some never-before-seen photos of the superstar.  There was lots of buzz when it came out in October... check out what the NY Times Book Review said here. You can order here now and you'll get it in time for Christmas. Oh & get the hard copy, those look great on the coffee table and make the best gifts.

The other one is from one of the stars of "Black-ish," actress Jenifer Lewis. It's called The Mother of Black Hollywood and in it, she tells all the ups and downs of her rise to fame.  It was released last month and from all her interviews, comments on social media and book readings, she doesn't leave anything out!  It'll be a good, juicy and hilarious read for the pop culture lover in your life.  Check her out reading an excerpt from the book for Jezebel here along with an interview (only for the grown folks who are ok with strong language) and you can order it here.

And they're both under $20 on Amazon, so they're not expensive either!

Jeanne Sparrow


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