Hannibal Buress Gives Back to Chicago's Kids

You can see Hannibal Buress on Comedy Central's "Broad City" or in town at his sold-out show at the Civic Opera House (  I know, right?!) next Friday night... but some of Chicago's kids may soon get to hang out and learn something from the comedy star. 

In an interview with The Chicago Reader, he talks about his career, moving back to Chicago, and his plans to open a small community center near the neighborhood where he grew up. He says it'll be a place "for kids on the west side, if you don't play sports and you're 14, there's something else for you to do. Maybe you want to get into sketch writing, so we invite somebody from Second City."

Check out the whole interview here and enjoy his show next week! (& if you've got an extra ticket, holla at your girl!  )

Jeanne Sparrow


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