The Question I'm Asking About Mo'Nique vs. Netflix

It's been a week and the comments are still raging on social media over comedienne Mo'Nique calling for a boycott of Netflix over their lowball offer for her new comedy special. And Mo'Nique & her husband/manager Sidney are fanning the flames by posting new videos about it every other day. (See the ones from this week below.)

I think EVERY point that could be made about the pay situation and whether or not she deserves more has been made, so I don't feel like I really have anything to add to that conversation.  But what I've seen mentioned and not fully discussed (at least in my feeds) is the professional/personal relationship that seems to be playing into this whole thing.

Many have said on both sides of the argument that Mo' needs a savvier management team.  So my question is... if your spouse is also your business partner, and he/she keeps making decisions that impact your income or brand in a negative way or seems unable to handle tough situations properly, how do you move them out of the business but still keep your relationship intact?  How easy or hard is that to do? 

Jeanne Sparrow


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