Restart Your Resolutions!

It's almost the end of January and research says that less than 60% of people stick with their resolutions beyond a month.  And the younger you are, the better your chance of success.

But you don't have to be a bad statistic... with just a few mental exercises from, you can re-focus and be a resolution success story:

-- if you've slipped up... reflect on your journey so far, accept what happened and forgive yourself so you can move on and be successful

-- identify what went wrong... maybe you tried to tackle too much at once, didn't see the progress you wanted to or got thrown off track by life. Whatever it was, if you can see the problem, you can fix it.

-- once you know what went wrong, make necessary adjustments to your plan to sidestep the problems and try to incorporate things you enjoy into your plan.

-- and probably most importantly of all, keep an open mind that's focused less on results and more on enjoying the process.

Good luck and keep on keeping on!

Jeanne Sparrow


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