Is This Really Bad? Or Were the Braids Worse?

The Kardashian clan does their thing and people get in their feelings about it... most of the time, rightfully so. 

But today, Kim K posted a half-naked pic with the caption, "by North" and it does look like her little girl took the photo.  A lot of people commented that it's anywhere from inappropriate to full-on perverted.  

But is it really? I'm the LAST one to be a Kardashian apologist, but I'm just wondering, how Sway?  The photo's not purposely suggestive... Kim just looks like she's getting dressed and her baby was there.  I know I can't be the only one who went in my mama's room while she was getting dressed or putting on her makeup or tried to go in the bathroom while she was going to the bathroom. Mamas can't get no peace, even in there.

Now, I'll admit, I wouldn't have taken a photo as a kid, because my mama would've beat my butt (plus, cameras weren't around like that back then).  I guess Kim could've asked her to take the pic, but it's also possible that the child was just playing with the phone (like they always do), not fully knowing what she was doing (even though she is her mama's baby, so maybe she does). But I mean, the flash was on and it was a mirror, plus the pic is nowhere near as "perfect" as Kim's usual fare, so there's that.

I almost hate to say let 'em live, but unless somebody comes through with a better reason for me to hate on this one... let.''all.  Just this one time.  Until the next time she comes up with some cultural appropriation foolishness like those so-called "Bo Derek" braids.   

Jeanne Sparrow


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