Can You Truly Reunite After Divorce?

Jennifer Aniston announced just after Valentine’s Day that her marriage to Justin Theroux has been over since the end of last year.  Her other famous ex, Brad Pitt has been single since 2016 when he and Angelina Jolie split – and remember she was the one Brad left Jen for, under suspicion of infidelity.  Now, many are speculating about whether or not they'll get together again. I don’t know their lives for real but I wish them all well… God bless and good luck. 

But what this story makes me wonder is whether it’s possible to reunite with your ex-husband or ex-wife, especially after a bad divorce?  I know a couple that split up under similar circumstances and re-married about a decade later… then ended up divorced AGAIN a few years later.  Their friends and family speculate that happened after they realized their other issues were more crucial reasons for the divorce than infidelity ever could have been.

So the question is... Would YOU go back to your ex and try marriage again even though you both failed to make it work together before?

Jeanne Sparrow


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